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From the January/February 2015 issue

Decentralized Plan-Free Semantic-Based Service Composition in Mobile Networks

By Yousif Al Ridhawi and Ahmed Karmouch

Featured article thumbnail imageThe inefficiency of one-to-one matching of user requirements to a single service has given rise to service composition. Service composition allows simple services to be dynamically combined into more complex services. In mobile environments, service discovery and integration involves cooperation between various service nodes where reliance on a centralized service registry introduces efficiency and single point of failure problems. Plan- and workflow-based composition solutions restrict service discovery to defined abstract models. Semantic similarity measurements play an important role in service integration. In this paper we introduce a semantic similarity and semantic nearness service composition method. The objective of our work is to free service nodes from adherence to restrictive composition plans. Our work also enables compositions to succeed in dynamic environments through a decentralized solution even when nodes are unaware of nearby service nodes. This paper presents a service composition solution that semantically advances composition paths towards users’ needs with each service hop while guaranteeing a user-acceptable QoS level. Simulation results showcase the effectiveness of the presented solution and its compatibility with underlying service discovery methods.

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